Advantage Chiropractic boasts some of the most advanced treatment options in Vancouver. A chiropractic adjustment is a common therapeutic treatment for neck pain, low back pain and/or any musculoskeletal pain. Our mission here at Advantage Chiropractic is to offer you this unique service and to help you attain the highest level of vibrant good health that you could possibly want for yourself. Our goal is to help patients understand their health problems and find the best suited treatment that addresses the cause of the patient’s health problems. 

Chiropractic adjustments are not only used to permanently remove pain from your life but to assure optimum spinal health. Getting regular adjustments helps improve problems such as:


The above is achieved by a having the optimum nerve function throughout the spine as this is the origin of our nervous system, thus correcting the spine will improve nerve flow and allow optimum functionality of all parts of the body


Advantage Chiropractic redefines the realm of the chiropractic industry and strives to cater to any and all client needs. At Advantage Chiropractic, Dr. Stuart Kilian will take care of you using the latest technology and tried-and-true methods to get the optimal results.


Aside from adjustments, we also offer lifestyle advice, corrective services and free yoga classes.  

Supporting you in your quest for health, strength and vitality

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