Chiropractors are the only health care professionals trained to examine the spine for subluxations and correct them. Dr. Stu is based in Vancouver, B.C. and uses different tools such as x-rays, orthopaedic tests, sEMG and palpation to determine where misalignments are located in the spine and what adjustments are required to correct them. Dr. Stu is trained in a variety of different adjusting techniques (including NUCCA, Gonstead, Diversified and Chiropractic Bio- Physics) and can choose the most effective one based on posture and condition of your spine. An adjustment is a gentle, specific force applied to a vertebra to move it back into correct alignment. This prevents further damage and degeneration in the spine and also restores proper function of the nerves. Convenience and custom care from a seasoned chiropractor come together at Advantage Chiropractic in downtown Vancouver. 

sEMG stands for Surface Electromyography. SEMG is a device that measures the amount of electrical activity your muscles release when they are contracting, more commonly known as muscle tension.