Dr. Stu has been nothing short of exceptional. I no longer experience any pain in my lumbar, and I noticed that I have much more energy in my body now. Moreover, the carpal tunnel in my right shoulder and occasional vertigo are completely gone as well all thanks to Dr. Stu's care.
Chiropractic treatment requires time and commitment. But, it is incredibly worth it. Especially when I started to notice the chronic pain disappearing and much more energy throughout my day.

I encourage everyone to try chiropractic care as an alternative to taking pain killers and aspirin. Advantage Chiropractic has exceeded my expectations. Serena, the receptionist, is very cordial and attentive to all the patients. Not to mention her cute dog Gizmo entertaining the office! Dr. Stuart Kilian's treatment techniques will definitely improve your body's health and may even add years to your lifetime!        


I've had side pain, hip pain, and oblique strains for my entire life. I've seen chiro before, physio and nobody provided me lasting relief. I noticed huge results after my first visit with Stu and after 2 months I've seen lasting improvements with my side pains, hips and am back to exercising and living pain free. Highly recommend advantage chiropractic.        


This is the best Chiropractic ever. Dr. Stu is so knowledgeable and works for your complete benefit. And, if that's not enough, there is the truly lovely Serena who greets you with such a wonderful smile along with Gizmo the most adorable dog. The warmth and kindness flows continuously. I can hardly wait between appointments. I love these guys.        


Stu and Serena are amazing people, and Stu is an excellent chiropractor. I've had a sore back / neck for about 10 years off and on, and I feel so much relief after every time after being adjusted by Stu. His adjustments are always spot on, super accurate. I'm also learning how to take better care of my neck / back. I have nothing but praise for them, they're great at what they do, and they're really open, caring, and attentive. Couldn't ask for more!




I'm 72 years old and until recently never had a reason to see a chiropractor. With all the ice we've had this winter, I slipped and took a bad fall. My doctor gave me pills for the pain which only made me sick. I couldn't walk. When I tried, I experienced shooting pain in my low back and hip. I didn't know what to do. I never considered seeing a chiropractor until a trusted family member recommended Dr. Stu. I have always been afraid and sceptical of chiropractors. At 72, I thought my bones would be too fragile. How wrong was I.
Dr. Stu was able to tell me exactly what happened to my body and spine when I fell. He also made me feel relaxed and at ease before beginning with gentle treatments. He told me I would slowly start to feel better. After only one month at 2 times a week, I could walk again without pain. He also showed me in detail how to do certain stretches and exercises that I feel are really helping as well.
Until my fall, I never had any issues with my back or walking. I now know that I took my health and mobility for granted. If I had not met this gentle and caring doctor I can only imagine where I would be today: in a lot of pain, depressed and not able to enjoy playing with my grandchildren. At this stage of my life, this is all I have. I will never take my health for granted again. I can only thank God that there are people like Dr. Stu that take the time to explain everything clear enough so that someone like me can easily understand and feel comfortable with the adjustments. If your considering chiropractic, especially if your a senior citizen, I highly recommend seeing Dr. Stu. He gave me my life back, I am so grateful.       


I was 20 years old, lifting heavy weights in the gym, when I injured a disc in my lower back. I am now 49, and have been dealing with back paining and on and off for almost 3 decades. I was desperate and ......
Dr. Stu was very thorough when examining my spine. He reviewed my x-rays and was able to show and explain exactly what the problem was and what it would take to get me better. I've seen other therapists and chiropractor; none of them were as thorough and helpful as Dr. Stu.
When we began treatment my spine was like concrete. It didn't move. However, after only a few weeks, the movement of my spine increased, I had less pain and my sleeping improved. Dr. Stu helped me so much I had my entire family checked.
If you have health concerns and are looking for true results, I highly recommend making an appointment with Dr. Stu to find out how he and his team can help you.
God bless you Dr. Stuart..


I would and have recommended this place to everyone I know. I came to Dr. Stu's office almost a year ago not knowing what to expect. In my opinion, chiropractors have a bad rep, so needless to say I was hesitant.

I had muscle pains and knots in my back, and I had been going to physio therapists and massage therapists for years with only temporary relief. After I attended Dr. Stu's class, teaching everyone about the spine and how important it is, I knew I had to try it.

Only a few months later and I am completely different. I'm more mobile and my back pains are gone. My posture is better and my spine is straighter. Also, my X-rays from my first day and now show that my neck is properly aligned after just 6 months. When it was completely out of wack a few months ago.

On top of the obvious physical benefits, the clinic is great! The atmosphere is so relaxed and the place is super clean. As well, Dr Stu and Serena are the nicest people I've met. They truly care about your well being and they feel like family to me. Sometimes I'll just hang out at the clinic and chat with them. I can call and text them when I want. I truly love this place.

If anyone is reading this then you're already considering a chiropractor. Maybe you have pain, or maybe you're just curious. My advice would be to stop by, have a chat with Dr Stu and Serena, and attend the information class. You'll leave more knowledgeable and you'll have a better idea of whether you should go through with the life change or not!

Highly highly recommend! 5 stars!       


Dr.Stuart is awesome!I was in a car accident over 4 years ago and had numbness all down my right arm ,couldn't feel 2 of my fingers and would always have sciatica pain. It was awful. i being in my mid 30's and known to be very active . I had to get my life back . I tried all of the pills , that sent me to icu . i tried acupuncture , physio , they didn't solve the problem . I was reluctant to try this and since then i've been going to my Doctor for almost a year now, he's helped me a great deal and i thank him so much . To do what i do with my body i need him in my life. Thank you Dr.Stuart.

In addition to going to Dr.Stuart , I am now world Masters champion of 2016. And still going to him for realignment.         


I have had a serious car accident and sports injuries in the past that I have since been suffering from. I’m a very active guy, always into going out into the outdoors and playing sports at leisure; I have always had lingering pain in my lower back and in between by shoulder blades but I’ve learned to push through the pain. Just before my adjustments with Dr. Stu I had gone mountain biking and I felt the stabbing pain between my shoulders and my neck being quite stiff from all of the rigors of trail riding. I can’t believe that after a few quick adjustments what a difference it makes!

I met Dr. Stu at this year’s Pride Parade, he had a booth and he had given a free spinal test and assessment. I agreed to seek the help and to see him in his office. We did agree to get some x rays to assess my condition further in my first appointment; in the second meeting we had a group discussion on the health of the spine. Here is where I appreciated being able to speak on the number of concerns a patient would have with their injuries and spine related issues. When I saw him one on one after the group discussion to review my x rays I had a better understanding on my own health and I could pinpoint where my body was ‘off’. I was quite shocked at where my own health was in my spine and neck and knew if I didn’t have any correction soon that I would be in trouble later on (a few vertebrae in my neck were in stage 3). I knew the process would be around a year to correct and that is way more appealing than surgery and pain later on in life.

I am very thankful that I now am seeing Dr. Stu who is a very nice guy and is very helpful and attentive to his patients needs. He also offers free early morning yoga classes to those interested. The combination of strengthening from yoga and the spinal adjustments put your body and mind in a whole new realm of strength and relaxation. If you are living your life with pain I strongly suggest seeing this doctor, I was and now I’m happy I did.        


When I was 16 I was T boned by a dunk driver both of us going 60 km per hour. I was mostly fine just shook up. I went to chiropractor a couple of times to make sure I was aligned right. After that I never really felt much pain until I was 20 years old and it would come and go. I thought it was just my genetics as my dad and grandpa have bad lower back problems. Then when I was 28 my lower back pain got progressively worse to the point that I could only sit for 30 minutes at a time or my back would be in so much pain and my leg would start to go numb. In March 2016 I met Dr Stu he took an X-ray, nerve test and body weight balance test. From there he created a game plan and started treatment immediately. My hips and pelvis where way off and Dr Stu believes it could have been from the car crash.

It's now mid May and I feel like I'm healed. The beginning of May I went on vacation to Africa for a safari. In 14 days I had 4 nine hour flights, 8 one hour flights and 9 six hour safari rides in a very bumpy jeep. I survived this trip with no pain and I am so thankful. If I did this trip without Stu's help it would have been so painful and miserable for me. This kind of major trip is a bucket list trip for most people and I am so happy I have so many positive memories instead of painful ones.

I would recommend Dr Stu to anyone! I have many more awesome things to say about Dr Stu but I won't ramble on here. If your not sure if you need his service just contact me for my honest opinion.